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Healthy, well-groomed nails make you look more graceful and provide a finishing touch to your overall appearance. Our nail care program promotes healthful fingernail and foot care.


Hand   Treatments

Express   Manicure   $15

A quick but thorough manicure for those who enjoy routine maintenance. Cleansing, shaping, cuticle care with a buff to shine or a color of your choice.

Mango   Retreat   $20

Once your nails and cuticles have been prepped and cleaned, enjoy the ultimate hydrating treatment with sweet Mango scented massage to restore your hands to a soft, silky state. Follow it with a hot towel wrap for a relaxing finish and end with a color of your choice.

Pumpkin   Spice   and   Everything   Nice   $30

Soak your hands in a pumpkin spiced bath to begin the preparation of your cuticles and nails. Once they are cleaned up, be treated to a delicious pumpkin soufflé scrub to exfoliate your hands, followed by a sinfully scented Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream massage. Then your hands will be wrapped in a hot towel to re-hydrate and rejuvenate your skin and nails. Finished with a color of your choice.

Peppermint   Paradise   $45

Start your manicure off soaking your hands in a peppermint oil infused bath followed by nail and cuticle prep. Then a peppermint scrub will be applied to exfoliate your dry skin and wake up your hands, followed by a cooling mint mask and a hot towel wrap to re-hydrate your skin. To release the stress and tension from your fingertips, a peppermint butter cream is worked in to your hands and arms, giving you a relaxed, refreshed feeling, followed by a paraffin dip to seal the moisture. This delightful treatment ends with the application of the color of your choice.


Foot    Treatments

Traditional   Pedicure   $25

Treat your feet to a warm foot soak with botanical salts. After a cuticle and nail treatment, enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage with soothing and re-hydrating lotion. Finish up with the application of a color of your choice.

Coconut   Lime   Refresher   $32

Definitely not your basic pedicure treatment. Sit back and relax as your feet are immersed in a warm hydro-jet foot bath with coconut lime essential oils. Feel the beginning of new skin as your legs and feet are gently exfoliated with coconut lime scrub to improve texture, unclog pores, and prepare the skin for enhanced penetration of our coconut lime cream as it is massaged into your hard working muscles. Next your cuticles and nails are perfectly trimmed and shaped. Your choice of color is then applied over our protective base coat.

Peppermint   Heaven   $45

This treatment emphasizes relaxation by indulging in the ultimate refreshing and hydrating Peppermint Cream massage full of phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidant properties for dry, aching feet. Followed by skin softening, exfoliating mint soufflé scrub and then given a cooling effect by our Peppermint mask to lock in moisture. After a hot towel wrap, your nails and cuticles are shaped and buffed to perfection before applying a color of your choice. Leave feeling like you’re walking on clouds with your feet up in peppermint heaven.

Chocolate   Delight   $60

A luxurious treatment for your feet. Splash around in a chocolate mineral foot bath while enjoying a sample of European Chocolates. Exfoliate your feet with a chocolate soufflé scrub full of enriching vitamins A, C, and D to remove dead skin cells and leave only healthy, new skin. A rich chocolate mousse mask is applied and your feet are wrapped in a hot towel to re-hydrate your skin and give it a satin finish. Lock in the moisture with a paraffin treatment that will complete this delightful treatment, finished with a color of your choice.

Extra   Services

French Manicure         add  $ 7    to regular service
Gelac Manicure           add  $15  to regular service
Remove Gel Polish    add  $10 to regular service
Polish Change            $10

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