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For   Men

Amazing   Face   For   Men

Basic   Cleansing   Facial

Highly recommended for problem skin. This 60-minute session includes skin analysis, gentle yet thorough cleansing using steam, exfoliation, extraction and a masque chosen for your skin type. Your Esthetician will instruct you on proper skin care and provide you with a personalized home maintenance program recommendation.

60   minutes     $98

TimeXpert   White   ( Lightening Facial )

An advanced professional program based on the effectiveness of the Melanolight Process. It works against and prevents dark spots produced by aging and sun exposure


Prevents and Corrects the melanin Synthesis process
Reduces the appearance of dark spots
Regulates the pigmentation
Perfects the skin and restores a more clear, uniform and radiant appearance.

90   minutes     $158

Oily   /   Acne   Skin   Treatment

Treatment specially designed for oily-acne skin. Reduces excess sebum, slows down hyperkeratinisation, balances and prevents inflammation. Controls the bacteria, eliminates excess superficial oil, helping the skin recover its cleaner, more uniform, perfect and mat appearance.

90   minutes     $139

Glycolic   Peel - Lightening   Facial

This Anti-Wrinkle Facial includes cleansing, followed by the application of  glycolic acid peel, steam, gentle extraction and  soothing  masque that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. You will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of scars,fine lines,and hyperpigmentation(dark spots).

To rehydrate and soften your skin, moisturizer and sunscreen is applied.

60   minutes     $128


Microdermabrasion is a Non-invasive, progressive procedure for skin resurfacing and the most effective treatment for…
Sun damaged skin,
Acne and other scarring,
Aging spots and pigmentation imbalances

One   Treatment   60   minutes     $152

Cleansing   Back   Treatment

Designed to help clear problem skin with a cleansing process that removes dead skin cells by exfoliation; followed by steam, extraction, and massaged with a purifying clay mask to draw out impurities. We will apply a special drying lotion to help reduce breakouts.

60   minutes     $108

Anti-stress   &   Oxygenating   Facial

Royal Jelly has energizing, nourishing and firming properties. The E.P. Active ingredient has synergetic action with Royal Jelly, increases oxygen consumption, resulting in an immediate increase in energy. It stimulates the cellular metabolism, preventing skin deterioration with age, improving skin elasticity and moisture level to give it a radiant, firm, and smooth appearance. This unique Royal Jelly Facial includes a cleansing, toning, peeling and massage of the face, neck and décolletage with the Complex Royal Active Ampoule, application of Royal Jelly Facial Masque, Toner and Royal Jelly Facial Nourishing Cream.

60   minutes     $128

Revitalizing   European   Facial

For women and men, effective salon treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, steams, hydrates and nourishes skin. Through the action of enzymes, vegetable flakes which are rich in Vitamin A, B, and C, and plant oils, this treatment will leave the sin luminous, energized, and more youthful. Extractions will be performed where necessary, then a relaxing facial, neck, hands, and feet massage. 

75   minutes     $128

Waxing   Services

  • Brow ............................$29
  • Back or Chest ............$61
  • Neck wax ....................$20
  • Ears or nose wax ......$20
Waxing services for Indian Men Men are welcome to choose other services from our general selection.

Men are welcome to choose other services from our general selection.



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