Anti-aging , Brightening Facial

This Facial is for women and men with irregular skin pigmentation. Helps exfoliate and lighten the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of Lemon. Contains arbutin, lactic acid,  glycolic and kojic acid.  Arbutin and kojic provide extreme lightening capabilities which bring the skin to life, giving it a healthy radiant glow.  This Treatment promotes deep hydration and leaves the skin luminous, energized, and more youthful.

75   minutes
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Acne Skin Treatment

Treatment specially designed for oily-acne skin. Reduces excess sebum, slows down hyperkeratinisation, balances and prevents inflammation. Controls the bacteria, eliminates excess superficial oil, helping the skin recover its cleaner, more uniform, perfect and mat appearance.

75   minutes

Glycolic Smoothing - Lightening Facial

This Anti-Wrinkle Facial includes cleansing, followed by the application of glycolic acid peel, steam, gentle extraction and soothing masque that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. You will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of scars,fine lines,and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). To rehydrate and soften your skin, moisturizer and sunscreen is applied.

60   minutes

Basic Cleansing Facial

Highly recommended for problem skin. This 60-minute session includes skin analysis, gentle yet thorough cleansing using steam, exfoliation, extraction and a masque chosen for your skin type. After this treatment customers will see real improvements in skin quality for a smoother skin structure and tone. Your Esthetician will instruct you on proper skin care and provide you with a personalized home maintenance program recommendation.

60 minutes

Excel Therapy O2 Facial

An exclusive professional program with visible results from the first session that helps slow down the negative impact environmental stress and lack oxygenation on the skin. Works spectacularly on the sign of aging.The skin is firmer and remodeled. The facial oval is rebalanced and wrinkles are less visible.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates tissues by enhancing its capacity to retain water.
  • Milk Proteins: revitalize the skin`s protection systems.
  • Life- Cytoxygen: Oxygen molecules encapsulated in innovative Ceramides penetrate the skin and help it recover oxygen , appear rejuvenated and radiant.
  • Cytokines: biologically active multi-functional Cytokines, that works in an intelligent and personalized way to help re-establish cellular communication in the skin.

90 minutes

Anti-stress & Oxygenating Facial

Royal Jelly has energizing, nourishing and firming properties. The E.P. Active ingredient has synergetic action with Royal Jelly, increases oxygen consumption, resulting in an immediate increase in energy. It stimulates the cellular metabolism, preventing skin deterioration with age, improving skin elasticity and moisture level to give it a radiant, firm, and smooth appearance.

This unique Royal Jelly Facial includes a cleansing, toning, peeling and massage of the face, neck and décolletage with the Complex Royal Active Ampule, application of Royal Jelly Facial Masque, Toner and Royal Jelly Facial Nourishing Cream.

60 minutes

Timexpert Wrinkle Erasing Facial

Germaine de Capuccini presents TIMEXPERT with Micro-Dermoxine, the first comprehensive skincare treatment for the most visible signs of the passing of time: expression lines and wrinkles. The skin care alternative to micro-injections. Technically designed to penetrate rapidly and work intensively on all types of wrinkles. Appears to neutralize skin contractions, fill in expression lines and smooth wrinkles.

  • Micro-Dermoxine Complex: combination of peptides that neutralized the visible effects of facial micro-tensions and provites collagen micro-fragments to fill-in wrinkles.
  • Soybean Seed Extract: strengthens the skin natural ability to repair itself.
  • Ceramide complex: keeps the skin`s natural hydration system in its best condition.
  • Plant Stem Cells Extract: extracted from special variety of apple; nano-encapsulated to protect the skin`s stem cells.

90 minutes

Sensitive Skin Facial

Our most professional response to the problem of sensitive skin with signs of irritation and reddish spots, couperose with demonstrated intolerance of skincare products. With a nutrient- packed ampoule of Phyto-Active natural extracts such as lupin , corn , amica , calendula , carrot and rice; provides a soothing effect to reinforce the skin`s own self-defense. This multi-phased treatment with an exclusive complex of plant orgin containing rosemary , tea , chamomile , and Asian plants , helps dramatically improve the skin clarity, radiance, texture.

60 minutes

Exfoliating Facial with a Collagen Infusion

An anti-aging treatment based on the collagen inovative with the help of the most inovative nano technology corrects the sign of aging and stimulates the essential function of the skin. This treatment with collagen and mousturizing, nourishing, and whitennig mask improves skin circulation, increases new cell production, improves firmness and hydration, and provides a more even skin tone.

60 minutes

LED Light Therapy Facial

As we age, the volume of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases, allowing lines and wrinkles to form. LED Light for Wrinkles penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin, stimulating your skin`s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. LightStim Collagen Peptide Serum targets wrinkles by helping to firm, hydrate and oxygenate your skin, plumps up the dermis layer, gradually pushing out lines and wrinkles.

60 minutes

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